Dry Cleaning Machine
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   Our machine are closed-circuit version for environmental friendly purposes.We are particular about the emission of chemical which created severe impact to the ozone layer.We assured the percentage of emission from our machine is absolutely negligible.

   Solvent corrodes metal and melts rubberized material but its no evil towards stainless steel.In typical circumstances,its built-up sludge as it pass-through all area and polluting the solvent despite proper distillation.As a result,all dry cleaned clothes will be considered as inferior.

   For our machine,we strictly imposed all solvent exposed or contacted area like: pipes,rooms,vessel,drum,tank,values,still,traps and chamber to be in stainless steel material.

   We sinplified the control panel with the latest KII-200 computer module which is highly competence both in operation or error tracking.

   This machine is cooled by a powerful refrigerant system which could transform hot solvent into chiling temperature within a short moment.Therefore,all dry cleaned fabric will be dried and deodorized to it maximom level.

   The front panel of the machine is enameled coated,all glasses installed in our machine were tempered type and could withstand high temperature.


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